80 Bars Part 6- Sam Lachow

80 bars part 6

In 80 bars part 6 Sam Lachow gets as real as it gets. In part 6 of 80 bars series, early in the song, Sam combines quite a few vocal sound effect into the song with ease. As the speed picks up, Sam switches the flow up perfectly with each new beat. But as the song progresses, the lyrics get a lot deeper, or “from the heart” as Sammy says….

Sam Lachow & Raz Simone – Good Reasons

Sam Lachow & Raz Simone "Good Reasons" Official Video Feat. Magik & Riley Mulherkar

Sam Lachow & Raz Simone – Good Reasons Feat. Magik & Riley Mulherkar A song combining two very popular artists of this decade ; and out of Seattle, Lachow and Simone have really struck gold with this song. We previously saw them combine together in a song reviewed earlier on our website, but this one really brings out the best in both of them, with the contrasting tones of their…

Raz Simone – Sometimes I Don’t (Music Video)

Raz Simone "Sometimes I Don't" (Ft. Sam Lachow)

Raz Simone – Sometimes I Don’t Featuring Sam Lachow, the up and coming artist that featured in another review on our website, this website provides a more relaxed and passive aggressive tune, allowing the listener to be completely immersed in its lyrics. With a lot slower bars and lyrics, the words are much harder hitting. Although not Raz Simone’s best song in my opinion, he still grasps the atmosphere perfectly…

Popular Man – Sam Lachow (feat. Jake Crocker and Ariana DeBoo)

sam lachow popular man

Popular Man – Sam Lachow (feat. Jake Crocker and Ariana DeBoo) As an up-and-coming Rap artist from Seattle, Sam Lachow appears to be going from strength to strength in this latest track, Popular Man. However, whilst this track is indeed very good, there is still something missing in it that separates him from the mainstream artists that dominate that side of the music industry today. That being said, the song…

Sam Lachow – “Young Seattle 4” ft. B Skeez, Gifted Gab, Raz Simone, Dave B, Key Nyata & Ariana DeBoo

Young Seattle Part 4

Sam Lachow – Young Seattle 4 Sam Lachow is back with some of the dopest out of Seattle right now. Download Link   “Friends, Funk & Liquor” now available at http://blackumbrellamusic.com/ Directed, Shot & Edited by Jacob Hill (@J4KEHiLL) Produced by Jake Crocker (@iamjakecrocker), John Martin (@PANTS_ARMSTRONG), Brian Chinn (@Thisiswarmgun), Sam Lachow https://twitter.com/samlachow https://www.instagram.com/samlachow/ https://www.facebook.com/samlachow