Cam Meekins- Band-Aid

Cam Meekins band aid

Cam Meekins – Band-Aid This particular song is actually rather nice to listen to. Cam Meekins only released this song a few weeks ago yet has shot to thousands of views showing that his music is appreciated by many people. The lyrics are very down to earth for the targeted listeners, talking about college and the struggles of a young writer. Like I mentioned previously, the only bad thing I…

Joey Bada$$ – Devastated (Music Video)

Joey Bada$$ - "Devastated"

Joey Bada$$ – Devastated I can think of nothing bad to say about this song. Released in late 2016, it has been viewed by over 15 million people, and is one of what I would consider “fallback” songs – songs that you can always rely on to cheer you up when you are in a bad mood, and ones that all true rap fans will know the Lyrics to. One particular…

Hodgy – Glory (Music Video)

hodgy glory

Hodgy – Glory (Music Video) Released in late 2016, Glory by Hodgy is a particular interesting song – throughout the opening half we see a very mellow back beat and rhythm, whilst the fast paced lyrics are gone through in a monotonous tone. It is around half way through that we start seeing why this song is so popular from an artist that isn’t very well known within his genre,…

Hi-Rez – It’s All Love (Music Video)

hi rez its all love music video

Hi-Rez – It’s All Love (Music Video) There is something about Hi-Rez and his recent songs that puts him miles in front of everyone else in terms of quality of songs. Perhaps it is the careful mix of hip-hop, rap and pop that he allows to leak into his songs, or perhaps it is how his music always seems to have an air of familiarity about it. Either way, it…

80 Bars Part 6- Sam Lachow

80 bars part 6

In 80 bars part 6 Sam Lachow gets as real as it gets. In part 6 of 80 bars series, early in the song, Sam combines quite a few vocal sound effect into the song with ease. As the speed picks up, Sam switches the flow up perfectly with each new beat. But as the song progresses, the lyrics get a lot deeper, or “from the heart” as Sammy says….

Sam Lachow & Raz Simone – Good Reasons

Sam Lachow & Raz Simone "Good Reasons" Official Video Feat. Magik & Riley Mulherkar

Sam Lachow & Raz Simone – Good Reasons Feat. Magik & Riley Mulherkar A song combining two very popular artists of this decade ; and out of Seattle, Lachow and Simone have really struck gold with this song. We previously saw them combine together in a song reviewed earlier on our website, but this one really brings out the best in both of them, with the contrasting tones of their…

Futuristic – Duh (Music Video)

duh futuristic

Futuristic – Duh   This song by Futuristic has received a lot of attention since being released in 2013, but for me it just doesn’t hit the right spots. I personally am a fan of more original instruments being played in the background as it makes the lyrics mean a lot more and have a lot more a profound effect. In this song, I feel the electronic beat lets the…

Raz Simone – Sometimes I Don’t (Music Video)

Raz Simone "Sometimes I Don't" (Ft. Sam Lachow)

Raz Simone – Sometimes I Don’t Featuring Sam Lachow, the up and coming artist that featured in another review on our website, this website provides a more relaxed and passive aggressive tune, allowing the listener to be completely immersed in its lyrics. With a lot slower bars and lyrics, the words are much harder hitting. Although not Raz Simone’s best song in my opinion, he still grasps the atmosphere perfectly…

Hi-Rez – Smiling

hi rez simling

Hi-Rez – Smiling (Music Video) Perhaps one of the most popular songs from Hi-Rez, with nearly 4 million views after being published on YouTube in late 2011, this song is one that can be played for hours on end on repeat, without the listener getting bored to it. Every time you listen to it, it’s as if you are peeling back an onion, with every peel allowing you to grasp…

Chris Webby – Walt and Jesse

Chris Webby – WALT and Jesse

Chris Webby – Walt and Jesse (ft. Sap) What I find particularly distinctive and admirable about this song is the piano in the background. Even though this is often a weird combination and one you might normally find in this genre, it works hand in hand with the song making it a unique mix that combines both the calm lull of the instrument and the storm of the lyrics. I…